Custom Countertops

If you envision it, we can do it!

We are your premier Epoxy Countertop installer, breaking ground on the remodeling world’s next big trend. Our custom epoxy countertop system is a revolutionary way to transform old granite or laminate countertops into custom works of art. We use 100% solids, industrial strength epoxy combined with metallic pigments, inks, and enamels in order to create gorgeous, one of a kind countertops that will wow your friends and family. Our top of the line epoxy is scratch resistant, heat resistant up to 500 degrees, USDA approved for eating surfaces, and 100% VOC free. Call us today for more information about designing your own dream countertops starting at around the price of quality laminate.

From Residential to industrial we have you covered. We strive to provide a amazing experience with all of our clients.

Custom Epoxy Solutions

If you have old worn out counters, you don’t have to break the bank with expensive granite or marble.

We give you a better solution that’s cost efficient & done to your own liking.

Like the flooring, Our Custom Epoxy Countertops bring a unique and Custom look to any counter in any room. The highly-durable epoxy creates a table that is a piece of art and scratch/stain and heat resistant .

Let us make something people will admire that is unique to you.

Scratch Resistant

Heat Resistant

USDA Approved

Multiple Styles

How does epoxy compare to other choices?

Epoxy resin is a great choice for countertops which solves some of the common problems seen with natural stone and other products.

Safe for you

Zero VOC, 100% solids epoxy. Food safe 100% non-porous, meaning no bacteria can get into the surface (unlike natural stone). It is not antimicrobial.

Very Durable

Thick pours give a durable surface. Resistant to yellowing from transient UV exposure. Resistant to staining from many natural products.

Why choose us?

We treat your house, and you, like we treat our family. We won't come in with cheap DIY products, make a mess of your stuff, and leave.


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